Buy DAE for Farming plans Angel`s

other DAE coins will not be accepted

1.Step: Enter Your or your DAE wallet

example: johnDev or 0x1d654eD5ea3fA0Fb5234E2b10B8c67b46bf242e3

2.Step: Enter DAE Amount

/ You got example: 1000000

3.Step: Select You will pay

 address: 0xb99e4d7e704223c75660d2e3b16c3bf563b9333a
(current 1 USDT = 1000 DAE) Ensure the network is BNB Smart Chain (BEP20).
 address: N/A / memo: N/A
N/A Ensure the network is Ripple.
 address: N/A
N/A Ensure the network is Bitcoin.

4.Step: Please pay on selected wallet particular value, don`t forgot pay network fees

5.Step: Click on button "Send DAE Order" and We will send You required DAE amount